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The importance of EFPBiotek Vegetable Origin Ingredients for lip balm formulations.

Twenty lip balm products were analyzed and it was found that 14 of them contained substances derived from petroleum, "potentially dangerous for human health". 

These alarming results were released by the portuguese association for the consumer protection (DECO) last September.

"EU law allows the use of mineral oils in cosmetics" if all the refining history is known and if the substance from which they were produced is proved to be non-carcinogenic.

However, the presence of more than 10% of mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons and saturated synthetic hydrocarbons in products that can be swallowed, such as lip moisturizers, is potentially dangerous.

DECO has published a list of 13 ingredients that are dangerous to our health and should be avoided, present in 14 lip balm brands being sold presently in supermarkets and pharmacies.