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Our History.



PAST - The company in the 20th Century

The Company has its origin in the city of Figueira da Foz, Portugal, with Sociedade de Pesca Oceano, established in 1912 for the codfish fishing in the North Atlantic waters.

Its 90 meter long fishing vessels used to travel to Canada and Greenland in the search for cod, which was processed on board and traditionally preserved in salt. Also the cod liver oil was processed on board.

Each fishing campaign at sea used to last about 5 months. Once arrived in Portugal, the cod was dried in the sun and then sold, along with the cod liver oil.

The fishing fleet grew strongly during the whole 20th Century, reaching other market segments such as high quality fresh atlantic fish and frozen shrimps/ fish, both caught in portuguese and foreign waters.

In the 70's the Company invested in a fishmeal and fish oil plant, in Portugal, supplying protein for the aquaculture, poultry, pig and petfood industries.


PRESENT - The company in the 21st Century

Between 1999 and 2005 the fishing operations were substantially reduced and specialized on atlantic high quality fresh fish, with a trawler fleet fishing on portuguese waters.

The Company's warehouses, once home for a huge cod processing and drying plant, were converted into storage and Logistic solutions facilities, for rental.

The fishmeal and fishoil business grow 250% between 1999 and 2004, with its factory fully refited by Alfa Laval in the year 2005.
In the search for extra added value, the Company invested in 2010 in the expansion of its industrial facilities, adding technology for fishoil refinning.

Along with its Epa and Dha oils, the Company starts producing high purity Squalane, Squalene and Shark Liver Oil (alkylglicerols).

In 2012 the Company celebrates its 100th aniversary, with its refinned oils being widely used in the whole world, in segments such as Cosmetics, Nutraceutics, Pharma, Fine Chemicals and Animal Feed.

The quest for innovation and expansion continues, and in 2013 the Company acquires a major fish and vegetable oil refinnery/ laboratory in Spain.
This major investment meant also the creation of a state of the art R&D department, which was the base for the huge Product Range expansion in the years to follow.

The EfpBiotek brand was created in 2014, working as a common platform for all the Company products.

From simple ingredients, the Company evoluted to complex ingedients manufacturing, cosmetics development and formulation, and consumer Health Boost Supplements production.


Taking advantage from its geographic location and state of the art technology, facilities and scientists, the Company plans to continue investing strongly on its competitive skills, supplying Top Quality services and innovative products to its clients.